• Wi-Fi Professional

    Allied produces access points for professional use, designed for wireless applications that
    are really high performance.

    A complete line of digital radios Wi-Fi routers, high robustness and performance for every type of need.

    Centralized Management    


    Software for centralized management of access points and routers Allied ProAP.
    A powerful tool and low cost.

    With the Stratus, you can monitor, manage and to supervise in
    real time, a network of numerous local and remote access points Allied ProAP, with the advantage of them continue to operate independently
    without the need of the old "wireless controllers" or "wireless switchs".

    Some features (of individual or collective action): Management; Settings; Inclusion or denial of access; VLANs; Operating modes; Access security; Monitoring AP Online; Connections DHCP; Status of operation of each AP; Indication by icons "floorplan " the status of each AP; Tx/Rx rate for each connection; QoS; Sending occurrences via e-mail/SMS, etc ...


  • AIDC & Logistic

    Data collectors and other portable Wi-Fi devices, can now operate with large coverage areas and intelligent roaming.

    This is the result of the use of innovative technologies patented by Allied in inter-collaborative access points, far ahead of any competitor.
  • Biggest Warranty

    The largest factory warranty you find on Allied products.
    They are 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects, covering all products manufactured by Allied, proving the high quality, reliability and certainty of operation without interruption for long.
  • World First

    Access points with internal UPS.
    Less costs and bigger efficiency

    The Allied access points are the only ones equipped with internal battery that can keep them running for up to 10 hours in case of lack of external power. This is another new technology patented internationally by Allied.



Durability and

2 years of total warranty*

All the Wi-Fi radios manufactured by Allied, are designed to work continuously for
44,000 hours (5 years), and 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
And if you need technical assistance, it is performed at the factory Allied Brazil, and
repaired within 48 hours.


Superior Performance Allied

All Allied products are produced with high quality components, always seeking the operation without interruption for long periods, in any environment, including directly exposed to sun, rain, dust and extreme temperatures without any protection.




Wi-Fi Access Points and Routers Allied

A great deal for network infra-structure of Data Collectors
Roaming feature with auto negotiation,
Parallel Broadband
and automatic redundancy.